Alistair Bailes

Founding Director

With over 20 years of experience in the design and development of innovative LED Lighting products Alistair continues, as the Director of Lumn, to be at the forefront of LED Lighting technology.

Born and educated in the U.K., Alistair has been fascinated by industrial design since childhood. Following this passion, Alistair completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics, cementing his future in the world of design.

After a period at Nissan in the UK, Alistair was recruited by the FIAT Group in 1989 and emigrated to Italy to take residence at the prestigious ISVOR FIAT Management Training School based in the original FIAT factory in the centre of the city of Turin.

Alistair, whilst working in the innovation department, began to study applications for the use of LEDs in automotive lighting

Following graduation from ISVOR, Alistair was seconded to the lighting division of Magneti Marelli (part of the FIAT group and now known as Automotive Lighting) and his destiny was determined. It was during this period that Alistair, whilst working in the innovation department, began to study applications for the use of LEDs in automotive lighting. This was where Alistair’s passion for LED lighting and industrial design was realised by both he and his mentors and he was ultimately promoted to Product Line Manager, responsible for the design and development of all rear lighting for the company.

Working in conjunction with Hewlett Packard in the early 90’s it became apparent that LED technology could potentially be used in automotive lighting applications. Within the FIAT group it was decided that we would work on projects together with Alfa Romeo and Maserati. Alistair subsequently oversaw the development of the Alfa Romeo 166 and iconic Maserati 3200GT to successfully implement the world’s first LED rear combination lighting.

Highlights included meeting the Queen of England

Alistair’s involvement in automotive LED lighting involved work with most of Europe’s automotive manufacturer’s. His career in automotive lighting continued upon his return to the UK and highlights included meeting the Queen of England, together with the Chairman of Osram, to present the Bentley State Car – adorned of course with the very latest in LED lighting technology!

In 2005 Alistair emigrated to Australia and founded Lumn to begin the second stage of his career.

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